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Our STRATEGY is simple:  1) Purchase 2) Rehabilitate 3) Rent 4) Sell

Distressed residential properties are targeted daily from every available source.  Courthouse auctions in South Florida (e.g. Miami-Dade county and Broward county), REO’s, short sales, wholesalers, portfolios, non-Profits and FSBO’s are constantly sought out. ​ The acquisition of homes offering the highest return on investment is consistently achieved.

Analysis is performed on each property being considered for purchase prior to bidding or making an offer.  All available data affecting the value of a property is compiled and used to determine the buy price.  The condition of the property, the neighborhood, the rental estimate and the retail market value are factored into the buy price.  Each home is visibility inspected and an estimate of the construction costs is made.  Code violations, liens, taxes, doc stamps and HOA fees are researched and accounted for.

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