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Alto Management treats each property a separate project and assigns a manager responsible for certifying when a home is ready to rent or turn-keyed.  All systems and personnel required to manage the life cycle of client properties, including control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization, rental, customer issues and disposition are within the capacity of the company, via an in-house developed proprietary software project management system.  Lawns are cut and pools are serviced monthly.  Rental customers are not allowed to cause deterioration of the client asset.  All service calls are scheduled and personnel dispatched by full time office staff personnel.  In-house crews are deployed seven days a week.  A 24-hour response time is adhered to for non-emergencies.  Fully equipped service vehicles and trained technicians are always on call.  Monthly reports are provided to the client on the status of each property in their portfolio.  Deferred maintenance is never an option as capital investment required to maintain major systems is predicted and budgeted by yearly reporting.

Preservation of the client asset is paramount.  Between renters or when awaiting a sale closing, electric, water, A/C, pool and landscaping are always maintained as if someone is living in the home.  Vacant homes are inspected by company personnel based on a schedule, in order to minimize or eliminate property issues.  Anytime a client property is vacant for any reason the home is inspected and any problems are corrected.

We utilize leading industry software in our Property Management division.  Maintenance work orders are generated and tasked typically within two hours of electronic receipt or a telephone call.  We perform property maintenance for discerning clients including Invitation Homes and Colony American Homes, among others.

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