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AJ Fulton Contractors LLC* is our affiliated & strategic general contractor.  They perform affordable rehabilitation, renovations, turns, maintenance, and insurance restorations.  Immediately after a home purchase purchase, AJ Fulton is tasked to perform a complete on-site inspection and a detailed construction estimate.  Their exceptional experience includes mitigating city code violations, resolving liens and permitting issues.  All necessary engineering, permitting, construction and inspection are coordinated by an assigned project manager as needed, including

  • Roof repair/replacement
  • Electrical panel, interior and exterior; interior wiring, outlets etc.
  • A/C repair/replacement; plumbing repairs, water heater, water service, sewer
  • Windows and doors
  • Pool repair
  • Painting exterior and interior
  • Interior repairs including flooring, kitchen cabinets/counters, bath fixtures
  • For further information, contact AJ Fulton directly at (954) 925-8934, or visit their website, below.

* Please visit their web site